My favorite "Bra-tician" quick fixes

Let’s face it, ladies: there exists at least one shirt or dress hanging in our closets for which we simply cannot find the correct undergarment to complete the outfit! Whether it’s a sheer, silky blouse or a backless beauty, it is imperative to cover up those tatas in the correct manner so you aren’t showing off the “headlights” as the weather begins to become a bit chillier! There is becoming an increasing amount of inexpensive options to cater to this issue, such as my personal favorite (which I am actually currently wearing), the “Breast Petals”. I find these to be ABSOLUTELY marvelous because of the extraordinarily thin material they are made of. Simply peel off the back plastic that keeps them sticky and step back in front of the mirror to take a look at the seductive queen staring back at you (who no longer has to worry about bra lines or cold nips)! The Breast Petals are also perfect for those sexy, low cut dresses that cannot be worn with a typical strapless bra.

Another pet peeve of mine is how ridiculously frustrating it can be when you have the perfect ensemble, but the bra straps are showing! There’s a fabulous solution to this issue as well! Whether your bra straps keep falling off your shoulder or you need to transition that favorite garment into a racer back style, the Bra Clip is the option for you! One wonderful aspect of this product is that it comes in various colors for discreet use with thin tops! Each woman always feels more attractive when they can put their perfect outfit together to their liking, so I leave you with one thought: I hope some of this information I’ve provided aids you in achieving the look that will draw some fun, positive attention, because let’s face it…everyone loves boobs!


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